Monday, June 13, 2011

Chinese Gold Panda

Following China’s sudden and unprecedented purchase of 90.9 tons of gold at the close of the year’s first quarter, the price of gold and China’s place in the record books has changed dramatically. As the now number one country in gold consumption, China’s role in the price of gold is being evaluated around the clock by gold investors and consumers. Today, the Cash4Gold blog takes the time to look at what might become one of the most important gold coins of the future due to China’s current important involvement in all things gold.

The Chinese Gold Panda is a 99.9% fine gold coin issued by the People’s Republic of China. The “China Gold Coin Corporation” is the official distributor of the coin to the public, and has been distributing the fine gold pieces since 1982. The newest Gold Panda will begin circulation on June 28, 2011, and features the official WWF (World Wildlife Fund) insignia and Panda. These pure gold coins are fully functional as legal tender in China; silver coins are also produced and distrusted.

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