Monday, June 22, 2009

Consumer Alert! Cash4Gold Frauds Misusing Industry Leader's Name, Logo


Cash4Gold Reminds Customers That it Does Not Operate Physical Stores and That All True Advertising Points to and an Official Toll-Free Hotline

June 22, 2009 (Pompano, Beach, Fla) – Cash4Gold, America's #1 gold buyer direct from the general public, today warned customers that unauthorized businesses across the country are fraudulently using Cash4Gold's name and logo in their marketing, and in some cases on their actual storefronts/kiosks.

"The only way for customers to know for sure that they are working with the real Cash4Gold is to contact us via our website or one of the official toll-free hotlines featured in our advertisements," said Cash4Gold CEO Jeff Aronson.

"Cash4Gold does all of its business direct to consumers and we do not operate any physical stores. All true Cash4Gold advertising points to the company's official website and hotlines; any other use of our logo is fake, whether it is being used to advertise a website, promote a gold swap party or call attention to a gold buying event or store at a local mall.

"We are greatly concerned that consumers are being deceived by these copycat companies, which are running Cash4Gold scams that take advantage of people, hurt our reputation and leave customers unprotected by Cash4Gold's 100% satisfaction guarantee.

"We encourage you to be careful and only deal with Cash4Gold via our website or on the toll-free numbers featured in our official advertising. Please alert us to any misuse of our logo and brand by e-mailing us at

"Since 2007, has provided a private, satisfaction-guaranteed service that has helped hundreds of thousands of people by paying out millions of dollars for scrap gold. processes millions of pieces of jewelry every week for people looking to find value in old jewelry or scrap gold that might not be delivering any benefit otherwise.

"Cash4Gold's leadership in this new industry also extends to working with the government and law enforcement agencies when it comes to customer rights. Cash4Gold recently worked with the Florida legislature to create and pass legislation on this topic and is proud to have worked closely with lawmakers to develop a bill increasing the transparency of transactions to law enforcement. As a result, Florida became the first state in the nation to pass legislation that will help regulate the industry and protect citizens."

About Cash4Gold

Cash4Gold is America's #1 buyer of precious metals including gold, silver and platinum from the general public, and one of the largest refiners of precious metals in the nation. Through an efficient and proprietary process, the company has revolutionized its industry, and is a fully-integrated company with front-end customer service and marketing operations and a back-end refinery. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have received millions of dollars from Cash4Gold since its inception. Cash4Gold has warned customers that unauthorized businesses are running Cash4Gold scams fraudulently using Cash4Gold's name and logo in their marketing and storefronts/kiosks. Cash4Gold reminds customers that the company does not operate any stores, and that the only way to do business with the real Cash4Gold is through the website or the toll-free hotlines featured in the company's official advertisements. Cash4Gold's popular advertisements can be seen in print, on national television and heard across the satellite and terrestrial radio dials. To sell your gold, please visit or call 1-877-GOLD-590 for more information, and don't forget to visit the Cash4Gold blog.

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