Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cash4Gold’s Staff Always on the Lookout for Suspect Goods

Cash4Gold utilizes many layers of security to ensure that goods that are sent in to the company are not “hot.” Recently, an alert employee identified a suspicious package and flagged it for her supervisor. As it does in such instances, Cash4Gold also alerted law enforcement to the situation.

The local police force thanked Cash4Gold. It turned out that the individual who had mailed in the goods was well-known to police as a convicted thief.

Cash4Gold regularly receives commendations from law enforcement agencies all over the country for its work with police.

In a memorable example of the robustness of Cash4Gold’s security procedures, the company found the AFC Championship ring of NFL linebacker Brendan Stai. The company returned the ring to a relieved and deeply grateful Stai.

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