Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cash4Gold CEO Jeff Aronson Appears on Bloomberg T.V.

When Bloomberg Television, one of the world’s premier financial networks, needed an expert to talk about the gold market they turned to Cash4Gold. And CEO Jeff Aronson was there—appearing live on T.V. to share his insight with viewers all across the globe.

In a highly informative segment that aired today, Aronson talked about Cash4Gold’s unique role as a “disruptive technology,” explaining how Cash4Gold’s approach of going direct to consumers has forever changed the landscape of gold-buying.

Aronson walked the reporter through the step-by-step process that Cash4Gold carries out for thousands of customers every day, explaining how goods are mailed in to the company, evaluated and an offer is made.

Aronson went to lengths to explain Cash4Gold’s 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Everyone who sends in material to Cash4Gold has the opportunity to change his/her mind or decide not to accept Cash4Gold’s offer. During a 12-day period, the customer can call or e-mail Cash4Gold to request the return of the materials, which Cash4Gold gladly sends back while paying both the postage and insurance on the return parcel.

The Bloomberg story also focused on The Estate Buyer, which purchases high-end jewelry for resale, rather than melt value. The Estate Buyer was created by Cash4Gold in order to meet the needs of its customers, who were looking for the opportunity to sell luxury items while utilizing a safe and simple process similar to the one offered byCash4Gold. Like Cash4Gold, the Estate Buyer provides customers with high levels of convenience and discretion, and an unmatched commitment to customer service.

Such qualities are precisely what have made Cash4Gold the industry leader in the mail-in, refining business that it pioneered.

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