Friday, July 29, 2011

Forget Cash for Gold…People Want Cats?

In Britian, a website called has picked up steam, as Brits are signing up in droves to trade their old gold for new cats. The site, a clear play on Cash4Gold, offers 100% Catisfaction with your trade.

The site works by weighing your gold, and then giving you a litter of cats depending on the value of your loot. Essentially, 1 gram of 10 karat cold will get you 1 small kitten, where 200g of 24 karat gold will get you 1 very big cat. So far, 2,085 people have filled out quotes on

According to Phil Williams of, all of the cats hail from the finest breeders. The company seeks to provide the finest feline companions in exchange for unwanted gold.

Call us old fashioned, but we’ll stick to trading gold for cash, not cats!

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