Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Facebook game awards real gold

Facebook games have been notoriously known for taking players real world money in exchange for not-so-real in game currency. Last year, the Guardian reported a Facebook “Farmville” gamer who racked up a nifty 900 euros in real debt from purchasing in-game money. However a new Facebook game, The Great American Express Gold Rush, is posed to change the face of money flow in online gaming by awarding a real gold bullion to its top scoring gamer.

The Great American Express Gold Rush, known as AMEX GOLD RUSH on Facebook, works like a fantasy baseball or football league, where players take on the roll of gold buyers searching the market for the best profit. Players become gold buyers and sellers, traveling the virtual world and looking for the best bargains to sell and buy gold. The bigger the profit, the better your score, and at the end of the game Amex will crown the gamer with the most points its official gold winner…literally.

The winner of the Amex Gold Rush facebook game will receive a real gold bullion. Surprisingly the gold rush game hosted by American Express isn’t as “American” as it may seem. Only players in the UK are currently able to win prizes, including the top gold bullion.

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