Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gold Fields ordered to halt Kloof mine operations

Gold mining by Gold Fields was ordered to be halted Gold Fields at the Kloof mine by the Department of Minerals and Energy. The cease was ordered after two gold miners lost their lives just as the gold mining operation reached a staggering 1 million fatality free shifts. The Department of Minerals and Energy halted activity at the rest of Kloof to carry out remedial work in working places before it reports back to the mine inspector who could lift the order Friday. Two workers lost their lives around 02:17am Thursday when ground fell in shaft four as they were cleaning in a stope about 3,000m below the ground. Gold Fields spokesperson Andrew Davidson said the fatalities at Kloof's four shaft took place just after the company reached one million fatality free shifts at the gold mine yesterday and was a tragedy. He also said shaft four would probably not be back in production Friday as work here has been delayed by the inspection and no blasting took place Thursday, while the resumption of production at the rest of Kloof would depend on the inspector's order. He said the rest of the mine did carry out blasting work this morning. Gold Fields confirmed its operations have undergone the presidential safety audit that was launched in the country. Its results are yet to be released. The company is continuing its independent audit of all operations to establish if all mining areas are safe for work. Gold Fields estimated it lost 20kg of gold Thursday from the shaft.Do your own gold prospecting in the comfort of your own home! Gather your broken gold, unwanted gold scrap and gold coins and send them to us. We will pay you top dollar for your unwanted gold.

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