Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Exploring for Gold in Tanzania

A new team is being sought at the Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc. International business, geology and finance experience are key requirements for the new members of the board. Effective immediately Ahmed A. Magoma and Heidi Kalenuik have been appointed and accepted as Secretary and Treasurer. Mr. Magoma brings 16 years experience in the gold mining industry and his experience encompasses gold projects from grassroots through to gold mining production. Mr. Magoma has worked with the major gold companies Barrick and Randgold as a project geologist and then as senior project geologist with Tanzanite Africa.
Mrs. Heidi Kalenuik is also the founder and President of Kilimanjaro Mining Company, Inc. Kilimanjaro is a private company focused on resource property acquisitions, exploration and joint ventures in the United Republic of Tanzania. At this time Kilimanjaro owns 11 highly prospective gold projects.
Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc. is a gold exploration stage company focused on acquiring and exploring potential gold mineral deposits or reserves in Tanzania, East Africa. Tanzania produced 1.75 million troy ounces of gold during 2007 and is the 3rd largest gold producer in Africa. Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc. holds a Mineral Property Purchase/Option Agreement with Uyowa Gold Mining and Exploration Limited a subsidiary of Kilimanjaro Mining Company, Inc. The terms of the agreement state that Lake Victoria is entitled to acquire up to an 80% interest in and to the Kalemela prospecting license located in the world famous Lake Victoria Greenstone Belt and consisting of 70.72 square kilometers.
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