Friday, October 14, 2011

Diane Kruger Shines InStyle

InStyle magazine has taken a turn for the golden by placing blonde bombshell Diane Kruger on their October magazine cover. Kruger is decked out in a long sleeved gown covered in gold sequins, perfectly complementary to the sequined background of the magazine header as well. Appropriately, the magazine touts “69 Glam Buys” as a peek into what’s inside.

Take a cue from Kruger and remember that when your outfit is flashy, there’s little need to adorn beyond that. A gold dress with gold jewelry would be tacky! With a shade as flashy as gold, it’s important to keep it all under control. Also on the cover? “Poker straight hair is back.” Channel your inner 70s goddess and let your Cher-straight hair and sequin gown speak volumes.

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