Thursday, October 6, 2011

The 4 Types of Gold You Can Sell

Not all things gold are meant to be sold. Fortunately, we have put together a guide to help you navigate selling your gold belongings and what goes into determining value for each. Here at Cash 4 Gold, we’ve been the leader in the industry for years. Some are obvious, like jewelry, while others can be less so, like your gold tooth.

Gold coins are highly prized by collectors. Once upon a time, kings and nobles traded and collected gold coins—that should give you an idea how prestigious they can be. Alas, the time may come where you need to redeem your gold coins for cash. When that time comes, be sure to sell with a reputable dealer and maximize your takeaway.

Second, gold bul. Similar to bullion, yet less majestic. Bullion is so extravagant, it’s normally found in its purest form—gold bars.

Third, scrap gold. This would be gold that has been extracted from a crown or filling, gold wiring, or damaged jewelry.

And lastly, the ever-popular gold jewelry. Get rid of that necklace your ex-boyfriend gave you and get cash! Let’s just hope his gift was gold, and not gold-plated.

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