Thursday, August 18, 2011

43 Carat “Golden” Diamond to Be Auctioned

A 43.5 carat diamond that’s commonly known as the “Golden Eye” for its yellow hue will be auctioned online in September. The fabulous jewel, which is one of the biggest diamonds to be discovered, will be auctioned for about $20 million. The diamond was confiscated from money launderer Paul Monea, an infomercial magnate from Ohio.

Monea initially saw financial success with Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo workout tapes, which made him a millionaire. He was trying to sell the diamond, which he always kept in his pocket, along with other luxuries like his mansion, to a drug cartel broker—only the broker was actually an FBI agent undercover.

Unfortunately for Monea, his attempt to deal with illegal transactions cost him his jewel and his freedom. If you’ve got gold jewelry or other luxurious pieces to get off your hands, go with a trusted source to sell your valuables, such as Cash 4 Gold. Sell your unwanted gold jewelry to us and we’ll give you cold-hard cash!

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