Wednesday, August 24, 2011

24 Karat Gold for Your Face?

La Rocca Skincare has revolutionized skincare by creating the Cellular Gold Complex, which is derived from 24K Colloidal Gold. The gold serves to boost electron transfer with natural metal ions within the skin, resulting in cell turnover. Products range from 24K gold exfoliating cleansers, eye creams, mouturizers, gels, masks, and several other skin treatments, all of which will help to life, tighten, brighten and protect from free radicals.

Gold jewelry and accessories are only the tip of the iceberg if you just can’t get enough of gold. Now, you can literally incorporate it into your daily beauty routine thanks to La Rocca skincare. Products are available online through the official website, La Rocca Skin Care, or through select spas.

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