Monday, March 7, 2011

The Value Of Gold continues to rise..

With the tensions in Libya and other eastern countries in bitter feud, the public is in distress over what impact these issues will have on us in the U.S. Already, consumers have started to feel the tensions in the east impact at home with rising gas prices, and gas has almost reached an average U.S price of $4.00. But amidst all these worries, there is one aspect of financial stability that has not declined in our economy, and instead has been rising over the past three years : The Value of Gold.

The above graph, from, shows the steady simultaneous increase in the value of the dollar and the value of gold. From summer of 2010 to present time 2011, as the dollar has been decreasing, the price of gold has actually done the opposite. This means that Gold is becoming more and more expensive during these recent times and worth more money as well.

So what does this mean for the average consumer with gold? This means that even though the dollar has been dropping and financial worries are starting to take place, selling gold is still (as its always been) one of the easiest and most profitable ways to get you financially back on track. At Cash 4 Gold, we pay you cash for your gold and help you turn your gold into useable dollars. Broken jewelry and unwanted gold that has been collecting dust in your home could be helping you manage your finances instead, feel confident about your savings, and stay out of debt. Cash 4 Gold is known across the globe for its ease and security when sending in gold for cash. Visit to find out for yourself how our free and secured packs have been helping people get Cash for their gold for years.

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