Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cash 4 Gold helps with Gold testing tips

Blog- Being able to spot a real piece of gold from a fake can make a big financial difference in the life of anyone involved with gold. At Cash 4 Gold, our team of experts is constantly working on improving our screening methods, weeding out the good gold from the bad, and making sure we pay our customers top dollar for their gold. But what about the gold still in your home or even more important, the gold you have yet to buy? Our team has assembled a quick list that we hope will help build essential gold knowledge for our customers.

Quick tips on telling Fake Gold and Real Gold apart

1. 1. Discoloration- If discoloration is present in your gold; don’t count on its value being any good. One of the very first and easiest steps to take in testing for real gold is to check for discoloration.

2. 2. Magnetize-The use of any household magnet can also help test the properties of your jewelry. Hold up a magnet to your gold and note carefully the results. If your gold is sticking to the magnet, it is not real!

3. 3. Density- Check your gold for true gold density. When checking for density, remember that the density of gold is about 19.3 grams/mL which is MUCH higher than many other metals. Also remember that real gold is NOT LIGHT! Expect some weight on a real piece of gold.

The Cash 4 Gold blog wants to make sure that all real gold is valued. We understand that some pieces of jewelry may get broken or become unwanted, but they still have value that should be used! Instead of letting your unused or unwanted gold sit another second, visit www.cash4gold.com where you can send in your broken or unwanted gold and get back real, usable cash.

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