Thursday, March 18, 2010

Olympic Gold Medalist Asked About Cash4Gold

Cash4Gold was the topic of conversation during an episode of the popular entertainment television show TMZ. The crew ran into Olympic bobsled gold-medalist Steve Holcomb outside of a popular Los Angeles restaurant. Holcomb showed off his gold medal from the Vancouver Olympics.

While taking a look at the medal, the reporter asked if Holcomb would consider sending the medal to Cash4Gold. Of course, he was not going to send in his prized medal to the mail-in gold buyer for cash since the item has a great sentimental value and represents years of hard work.

pays for items based on melt value, which refers to the actual value of the precious metals content included in the item. Melt value does not account for the sentimental or historical value of an item.

Watch the video here:

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