Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cash4Gold Introduces Gold Buying Services Into Canada

Rapid expansion due to high demand from Canadian market

TORONTO, Aug. 10-- In keeping with its growing global expansion in 2009, Cash4Gold, the company that bills itself as the world's number one gold buyer, is launching its direct-to-consumer gold buying operations in Canada today. This comes directly as a result of high demand from the Canadian market, according to Cash4Gold CEO Jeff Aronson.

"Many consumers are familiar with our television ads due to the variety of American channels available in Canada," said Aronson. "After months of calls asking when our services were going to be ready for Canadians, we decided that the time was right for expansion."

Cash4Gold makes payment for your unwanted or broken jewellery quick, easy and safe. A customer can make a request from the Cash4Gold website for a "Refiner's Return Pak" to be sent to their home or business. Once a value based upon the quality and quantity of each piece's precious metal content is assessed, and depending upon the daily price of gold, the company promptly mails out a cheque to the customer which they can cash at their convenience.

If for any reason a customer is not completely satisfied with Cash4Gold's offer, they need only contact the company within 12 days and all items are returned free of charge.

In these difficult economic times, an easy and secure way to turn gold jewellery into cash without having to visit a pawn shop or jewellery store has become extremely attractive. Over 93% of customers who receive a Cash4Gold appraisal complete the sale of their items by cashing their cheques.

The company has seen a meteoric rise since its inception in early 2007. This was only amplified by a cheeky Superbowl ad starring luminaries like the late Ed McMahon and MC Hammer that truly introduced the company to the world. The ad was widely rated as one of the best of the broadcast, which has helped to push Cash4Gold past 900,000 transactions in the US to date.

This success has been the catalyst behind the company's entry into the UK and Canadian markets, both of which are expected to be extremely active.

Building the business is premised on offering top notch customer service, security and high standards that is unparalleled in the growing direct-to-consumer industry. So confident in their service, Cash4Gold even provides its customers with a number of gold-selling methods on its website so they can be aware of all their options.

"The growth of Cash4Gold has been absolutely phenomenal since the airing of that ad, and in a way, it was our coming out party to the world," said Aronson. "We offer financial compensation for jewellery and precious metals in the most private, convenient and expedient way possible, and the concept has been widely embraced."

Canadian broadcasters have already begun to air Cash4Gold ads, and the service is fully operational to satisfy the heavy anticipated demand.

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