Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Article Highlights Cash4Gold’s Security Steps and Close Cooperation With Law Enforcement

A recent article by the Associated Press (AP) titled "Fla. seeks to stop thieves from mailing in jewelry" underscores Cash4Gold’s support for a new bill making its way through the Florida legislature and highlights the various security efforts taken by the company to ensure safe and secure transactions. It also focuses on Cash4Gold’s ongoing cooperation with law enforcement to prevent thieves from misusing its mail-in refining service.

Florida lawmakers are currently considering a new piece of legislation that takes into account the revolutionary, business model created by Cash4Gold and for which current laws are not designed. Cash4Gold strongly supports the bill and is proud of its work with legislators to implement legislation that will increase transparency for law enforcement.

The AP article also notes that Cash4Gold already takes the security precaution of photographing the contents of each of the 15,000 to 20,000 packages it receives every week. Cash4Gold does this so that it can ensure secure transactions for its customers and play the most helpful role possible in assisting law enforcement. The company’s photos of the goods validate what is inside each and every package it receives. Company employees check these images against detailed descriptions of the items, which are filled out and mailed in by customers.

Cash4Gold has found that having photos of all materials it processes is the fastest and most effective way for the company to assist law enforcement, which is able to present photographs to victims of theft in order to identify missing goods. Without the photos, the authorities would otherwise have to rely on physical descriptions of items.

The article also discusses how Cash4Gold has worked in partnership with law enforcement agencies all across the country and received commendations for the help it has provided. The story outlines one example where a burglar confessed to police in Ohio that he had sent items to Cash4Gold. Alerted to the situation, the company immediately tracked the items down and turned over the goods.

The story also pointed to another well-publicized example of Cash4Gold’s effective and multi-layered security protocols—the discovery of a stolen 1995 Pittsburgh Steelers AFC Championship ring. The ring, which had been missing since 2000, was flagged by an alert Cash4Gold employee and returned to its rightful owner, former Steeler Brenden Stai.

As the AP story illustrates, Cash4Gold is not simply content to be America’s number one buyer and appraiser of gold. It is also continuing to play a leadership role by strongly supporting efforts to create greater transparency and security in the mail-in refining industry which it pioneered.

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