Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gold market becomes big business in New England

A growing number of New Englanders are turning to a more traditional form of wealth – the booming gold market.Pirates have always known its value, but in 2008, they’re not the ones trading in gold. With the price of gold soaring past 900 an oz exchanges in New England are swamped with customers hoping to cash in on their old gold jewelry, gold rings and gold watches.

In times of uncertainty, flee to the safety of hard assets such as gold and silver. Bullion is big with people down on the dollar. Before it’s over we’ll see gold keep climbing and turn those gold class rings and other gold pieces into a mini gold mine.

Most sellers shouldn’t expect to get the posted gold price per ounce because gold jewelry isn’t pure gold. Our customers however, receive MORE than the posted gold prices because our refiners pay 5% over gold’s current market value for your gold jewelry and gold scrap! Request our free refiner’s kit (http://cash4gold.com/) today!

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