Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Company wants to reopen mine

Mining company Emgold, wants to reopen a Grass Valley gold mine ( A sign at Empire Mine State Historic Park in Grass Valley shows the rising price of gold.

Emgold wants to take advantage of the skyrocketing price of gold and plans to use a unique process that reduces waste. They have used the old mining maps and records that it found in the basement of a former mine owner and used software to produce a digital record of the Idaho-Maryland Mine’s 72 miles of tunnels.

Similar efforts are under way to revive old mines throughout the West. New methods of mining make it easier to extract gold. So many gold deposits were mined long before more efficient gold mining techniques were developed. That means there could be lots of gold left in those hills.
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  1. Good to know about all what you do.There is a crazy demand for gold and the prices don't seem to be stopping ...this is a very good line of business idea.