Thursday, March 13, 2008

Everyone must know the price of gold.

What is more important to us then buying your gold is that our customers know that selling their gold is the best decision that they could make if they are in need of Fast Cash. The current news that gold has reached a record price ($1000 per oz.), couldnt be better for our customers. That is because on top of the current valued price of your gold, we are willing to pay an additional 5%.

In the efforts to make sure that our customers know how benefitial selling gold is in today's market, we have started this shared news feed to show our customers the same market data that we are using to price your gold when we buy it. We encourage anyone interested in selling gold or interested in finding out more about he gold market to click here to do their own research.

Then visit, to see how much we will pay your for your unwanted gold jewelry.

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