Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Logical Investment: Gold Plated iPhone?

As if the iPhone wasn’t already a glitzy item, the folks at Computer Choppers want to spruce up your phone with gold plating for a hefty $599 on top of the phone price. A true Apple aficionado doesn’t have to stop their either, as the same company will gold plate your MacBook Pro too! The MacBook is $1200-1500 on top of the computer price.

Additional goods that can be outfitted in gold—a VAMP NOS CD player for $8,000, a Nintendo DS for $320, and several iPod models ranging from $130-720. Even Nokia is gildable, with the Nokia 6500’s $550 golden upgrade. What do you think—is gold jewelry the way of the past and gold technology the accessory of the future?

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