Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Cash4Gold?

Many times on this blog we have answered the question, "Why use Cash4Gold?" There are a number of reasons. Some of the answers that we have heard most include the following:

-"I saw the Cash4Gold Super Bowl commercial."
-"I love MC Hammer and anything that he does I will do, too!"
-"Cash4Gold makes it easy to get cash for stuff that I'm not using anyway."
-"Cash4Gold is simple to use."
-"Cash4Gold is fast."
-"Cash4Gold has good customer service."
-"Cash4Gold means I don't have to drive around to pawn shops."
-"Cash4Gold has free shipping."
-"Cash4Gold gives me 12 days from the date on the check to accept or reject their offer."
-"Cash4Gold gives me cash for gold." (yes, seems obvious)
-"Cash4Gold offers free shipping."
-"Cash4Gold insures my package for up to $100 for free."
-"Cash4Gold has been around for a long time and I know that they are not some fly-by-night company."
-"Why not?"

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