Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Defensive Gem Made in Baseball Last Night in San Francisco

Last week, we noted a Gold Glove-caliber defensive play from White Sox southpaw Mark Buehrle and on Tuesday night we saw an equally great diving play by Pittsburgh Pirates hurler Paul Maholm. (We follow all “gold” related activity so we felt compelled to blog about both.)

In the bottom of the third inning, a slow dribbler was hit between Maholm and first base. Maholm quickly sprinted from the mound, picked up the ball while falling to the ground, and flipped the ball from his glove to the first baseman. The radio and TV announcers were amazed that he was able to complete the difficult play. They even compared the effort to Buehrle’s play on opening day.

Buehrle received his 2009 AL Gold Glove trophy on Saturday and Maholm threw his hat into the mix for this year’s NL Gold Glove race with last night’s play seen here.

Maholm’s acrobatic effort was touted as the #1 play of the day by ESPN’s Top Plays countdown.

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