Friday, March 20, 2009

Cash4Gold on Good Morning America

This morning, Cash4Gold was among several gold-buying companies that were featured in a segment on ABC’s Good Morning America.

As Cash4Gold pointed out repeatedly to Good Morning America, the company has serious concerns about how the show conducted its price comparisons (i.e. sending different goods to different outlets as opposed to the same jewelry, comparing prices that might be offered by a pawn shop or jewelry store v.s. a mail-in refiner, etc.)

As part of Cash4Gold’s ongoing effort to educate consumers, this very blog has addressed the question of appraisals. We have pointed out that appraisals of jewelry are different from melt value, and that appraisals often have a dubious relationship to the real market value of goods that consumers can expect from gold-buying companies.

The most important aspect of the Good Morning America story is that it clearly illustrated that consumers have a choice in the market place. As CEO Jeff Aronson pointed out, Cash4Gold provides consumers with the unique opportunity to utilize the top-notch service that makes Cash4Gold the leader in its industry.

For consumers who want secure, fast, convenient, simple and confidential transactions, Cash4Gold is an excellent option, as evidenced by the nearly 800,000 transactions that the company has already conducted.

Cash4Gold continues to pride itself on its tireless commitment to customer service excellence, and it stands by its 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Ninety-three percent of its customers accept Cash4Gold’s offers, but everyone has the option of turning them down and having their goods returned to them.

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