Wednesday, May 21, 2008

'Gold parties' cash in

Oil tops $130 a barrel? Bad news. Gold reaches a stunning $1,000 an ounce? Potentially very good news indeed.

Paige Rhodes has heaps of unwanted gold baubles cluttering up her jewelry boxes. Instead of waiting for gold to be a fashion staple again women are scrapping their unwanted gold jewelry for cash or checks at wine-and-cheese "gold parties."

Similar to Tupperware parties, minus plastic, the guests bring gold coins, watches, necklaces, teeth to be assessed for their carat content. Once the gold is weighed and the market value of gold that day is determined the party host pays them with a check or cash. Guests can walk away with hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The host then ships the gold to a refinery, where it is melted down and recycled. The host is paid by the refinery - more than the guests were paid the host hopes.

Amateur and professional gold scrapping is booming right now. Gold parties can be a fun and prosperous way to spend an evening. People are looking for a quick way to liquidize and this is a great option. The gold parties are also more appealing to individuals who are uncomfortable going to pawn shops.

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